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Best Home Furnishings Patoka Traditional Swivel Glider Club Chair
Shown In: Moonflower Purussian 34612
Store Availability: Available to Order
Special Order Lead Time: 21 Days is the standard special order lead time, actual lead time may vary depending on dealer's location. Contact the store for more info.

Patoka Traditional Swivel Glider Club Chair by Best Home Furnishings

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Fabric Name:
Cleaning Code
Sku: 2617
Width: 32.5  x  Depth: 36  x  Height: 34.25
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Best Home Furnishings Patoka Swivel Glider Club Chair  - Item Number: 2617-34612
Traditional Swivel Glider Club Chair by Best Home Furnishings

Item Description

Item Description

Popular in the home for its decorative appearance and its functional features, this swivel glider chair is embraced by smooth flowing lines and soft rounded angles. A plush “t” style seat cushion provides this accent chair with a classic feel while creating a soft sitting experience that is matched by the semi-attached cushion back. With loose fitting comfort cushions, you’ll find that this living room swivel chair allows you the flexibility of fluffing cushions from underneath, keeping them soft and assisting them in holding their shape for many years to come. Complete with welt cord trim, this upholstered gliding chair embodies the details of decoration while a kick style skirt assists in keeping dust at bay. The perfect addition to living rooms and conversation areas, this comfortable chair is also available in glider, stationary and swivel rocker options.

The Patoka Traditional Swivel Glider Club Chair by Best Home Furnishings is available in the Orland Park, Chicago, IL area from Darvin Furniture.

We've Got You Covered: Hundreds of Fabric Covers Available to Order

Color, pattern, texture. Whatever your preferences and room design needs, we've got an upholstery fabric that works for you. Come into the store to see and touch the hundreds of fabric options in person before you make your final decision on your custom sofa or chair covering. Hand-picked by you, custom made for you.

Quicker Custom: Get Your Customized Chair Home as Soon as Possible

We'll specially make a sofa or chair in the fabrics you want, and get it to you faster than those other suppliers. We're always working to reduce lead times and bring the product to to your home faster, usually in as few as 21 days. Check with the store to find a lead time adjusted for your location.

Quality Construction

These durable frames are made from triple-doweled hardwoods, glued, screwed, and corner-blocked to extend the life of your upholstered furniture.

Sink into Luxurious Cushions

This brand was tested to have a softer, plusher seat feel than even the big name brands. High density polyurethane foam is wrapped in high-loft polyester fiber, creating a soft but durable cushion. These cushions will provide you with years of that brand-new feel.



Item & Dimensions
ManufacturerBest Home Furnishings
Width (side to side)32.5" W
Depth (front to back)36" D
Height (bottom to top)34.25" H
Arm Height23.5"
Seat Depth20"
Seat Height22.5"
Fabric & Upholstery
Custom OptionsCustom Fabrics or Leathers
Fabric OptionsAvailable in over 700 different fabric, leather and color styles.
Style Elements
Arm TypeRolled Arm
ArmClassic Rolled Arm with Small Decorative Pleats
Back TypeSemi-Attached Back
Seat Back"T" Styled Pillow Back with Welt Cord Trim and Semi-Attached Construction, Creating Easy to Fluff Comfort for Extended Durability
SeatClassic "T" Style Seat Cushion Providing Plush Comfort with Decorative Welt Cord Trim
Leg or SkirtTraditional Kick Style Skirt for Classic Style and the Prevention of Under-Chair Dust Build-Up
Construction & Warranty
Frame ConstructionA triple-doweled and glued seat design, special acetone based glues, engineered fasteners and a multi-step finishing process creates a lasting heirloom for your home.
Seat SupportSinuous wire springs are cross-wired to prevent sagging. Spring clips are coated with polypropylene to prevent squeaks.
Padding & ErgonomicsCushions are constructed of high-density polyurethane foam, high-loft premium polyester fiber or a combination of both for the plushest, most unbelievably comfortable seat in the industry.
OriginMade In the USA

Collection Description

Collection Description

When decorating a home with quality furnishings, homeowners search for items that will represent their personal style while meeting functionality needs for comfort and durability. With an emphasis on quality and a soft soothing aura, the Patoka living room chair collection creates a soft comfortable oasis in the center of quaint, sunny living rooms. Designed in a traditional style that is classic and casual, these chairs are available in stationary, swiveling, gliding and rocking options.

The Patoka collection is a great option if you are looking for Casual furniture in the Orland Park, Chicago, IL area.

Collection Details

These images are representative of this group as a whole and may differ from this item.

Plush Cushioned Backs Meld with Classic Rolled Arms

Kick Style Skirts Decor with Soft Tradition

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Browse other items in the Patoka collection from Darvin Furniture in the Orland Park, Chicago, IL area.

This item has been tagged as: Rocker, Rocking Chair, Nursery Furniture, Nursery Rocking Chair, Glider, Nursery Glider, Glider Chair, Glider Rocker, Glider Rocking Chair, Glider Rocking Chair, Childrens Room Rocking Chair, Chair and a Half, Chair and a Half Recliner, Chair and a Half Sleeper, Chair and a Half with Ottoman, Big Chair, Oversized Chair, Chair and Ottoman, Ottoman Chair, Chair and Ottoman Set, Accent Chair, Chaise, Chaise Lounge, Small Chaise, Chaise Lounge Chair, Custom Chaise Lounge, Chaise Lounger, Double Chair, Exposed Wood Chair, Accent Chair with Wood Arms or Legs, Exposed Wood Seating, Exposed Wood Pieces, Wing Chair, Wingback Chair, Queen Anne Chair, Easy Chair, Fireplace Chair, Daybed

Reference #: 2617

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