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There is nothing quite like walking into a furniture store, ready to purchase a sofa that will become a part of your family’s daily routine. With England’s commitment to high quality standards and American made products, choosing a living room set that meets your expectations is only a cushion away. While some manufacturers attempt to reduce prices by sacrificing protection against daily ware’s and tears and using low-grade foam, wood and fabric, England maintains an honest and competitive “Us versus Them” mentality. Believing there is more to furniture then an attractive exterior, England takes just as much consideration in choosing the foam padding and high-quality wood frames that sit inside its products as it does examining styles and scrutinizing over fabrics. With a wide assortment of styles and fabrics, homeowners can rest assured, knowing that England will meet their need for quality as well as their desire for a beautiful home. England specializes in stationary and reclining living room products including sofas, loveseats, sectional sofas, chairs and ottoman.

England Furniture Factory Tour
England Furniture "Us vs. Them"
England Furniture - Foam verses Spring Cushions
"The Olenator" and the Fabric Testing Machine at England Furniture

Shopping England Furniture

England Louis Club Chair Club Chair
Louis (by England)
Normal Price:$2,176.99Super Value Price: $949.99
England Louis Ottoman Ottoman
Louis (by England)
Normal Price:$869.99Super Value Price: $399.99
England Angie  Casual Rolled Arm Chair Casual Rolled Arm Chair
Angie (by England)
Normal Price:$1,108.99Super Value Price: $499.99
England Angie  Ottoman Ottoman
Angie (by England)
Normal Price:$686.99Super Value Price: $299.99
England Reynolds Upholstered Wing Chair Upholstered Wing Chair
Reynolds (by England)
Normal Price:$1,378.99Super Value Price: $599.99$599.00
Made in the USA
England Miller Ottoman Ottoman
Miller (by England)
Normal Price:$787.99Super Value Price: $349.99
England Brantley 5 Seat Sectional Sofa Cuddler 5 Seat Sectional Sofa Cuddler
Brantley (by England)
Normal Price:$5,294.96Super Value Price: $2,399.99
Made in the USA
England Reed 86" Sofa 86" Sofa
Reed (by England)
Normal Price:$2,058.99Super Value Price: $899.99
Made in the USA
England Collegedale Upholstered Chair Upholstered Chair
Collegedale (by England)
Normal Price:$1,198.99Super Value Price: $549.99
England Collegedale Upholstered Sofa Upholstered Sofa
Collegedale (by England)
Normal Price:$1,482.99Super Value Price: $599.99
England Collegedale Upholstered Loveseat Upholstered Loveseat
Collegedale (by England)
Normal Price:$1,441.99Super Value Price: $569.99
England Brody Tufted Back Sofa Tufted Back Sofa
Brody (by England)
Normal Price:$1,811.99Super Value Price: $799.99
Made in the USA
England Graystone Round Cocktail Table Round Cocktail Table
Graystone (by England)
Normal Price:$683.99Super Value Price: $299.99
England Graystone Round End Table Round End Table
Graystone (by England)
Normal Price:$573.99Super Value Price: $249.99
England Graystone Sofa Table Sofa Table
Graystone (by England)
Normal Price:$837.99Super Value Price: $369.99
England Kora High Leg Motion Chair High Leg Motion Chair
Kora (by England)
Normal Price:$2,748.99Super Value Price: $1,199.99
Made in the USA
England Cole  Ottoman Ottoman
Cole (by England)
England Angie  Casual Stationary Sofa Casual Stationary Sofa
Angie (by England)
England Thomas Sectional Sofa with Five Seats Sectional Sofa with Five Seats
Thomas (by England)
Normal Price:$4,759.97Super Value Price: $1,999.99
Performance Fabrics
England Stacy Chair with Nailheads Chair with Nailheads
Stacy (by England)
England Stacy Sofa with Nailheads Sofa with Nailheads
Stacy (by England)
England Stacy Loveseat with Neailheads Loveseat with Neailheads
Stacy (by England)
England Amix  Seven Seat Sectional with Right Chaise Seven Seat Sectional with Right Chaise
Amix (by England)
Made in the USA
England Seneca Falls Sectional Sofa Sectional Sofa
Seneca Falls (by England)
Normal Price:$6,006.99Super Value Price: $2,499.99
England Lackawanna Sectional Sectional
Lackawanna (by England)
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