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Create an inviting dining room for family that’s perfect for entertaining friends

October 26, 2021 | by Soleil Tierney

Today’s homeowners are hitting the reset button when it comes to designing their dining rooms. Recognizing a new emphasis on quality time spent with family and friends, there’s no reason you cannot have a comfortable place to dine while also enjoying a memorable space to entertain.

1) Space It Out
The very first step in creating a perfect dining room is evaluating the physical space you have in the room. Creating appropriate scale and fitting the room with the right size furniture ensures that you do not overcrowd the room or leave it feeling empty.

The goal of creating balance and symmetry starts and ends with the largest piece in the room—the table. A dining table should be in the middle of the room, and if applicable, centered under the primary lighting fixture. No matter how your dining room is designed, you can create visual symmetry by simply placing your furniture strategically.

Dining room furniture

2) Create A Centerpiece
One of the easiest ways to create a distinct centerpiece for the dining room is to make sure your table remains a definable ‘star of the show.’ Consider varying the height of additional pieces in the room to make certain it is the room’s focal point.

Whether it’s a standard or counter-height table, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and preference. Consider adding a server or buffet, as it can add balance to the room, as well as additional serving and storage space.

3) Color & Texture
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when decorating a dining room is failing to create enough balance. If you opt for a distressed-finish table, be sure to balance the look with accessories. Don’t shy away from adding bold pops of color, patterns and textures that create contrast.

Having matching dining sets—with the same look and finish for the table, chairs, server, and accessories—can come across as a little dated nowadays. Finding pieces that coordinate and contrast one another in style or color can create a fresh, modern look that creates balance in the space.