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Darvin Comfort Exchange Policy

Darvin Comfort Exchange Policy Details:

At the time of the original purchase, a Darvin customer may purchase the ability to have a one-time comfort exchange of their mattress, for a new mattress of equal or greater value.

The exchange must occur after 35 days of use, but not more than 70 days of use. It is completely normal for the human body to initially resist (or take time to adjust) to new sleeping environments. This process of “creating a new sleeping habit” may take up to five weeks as the body adjusts to its new sleeping environment. The right pillow for example can be very significant in its impact in creating the right sleeping environment.

The purchase and use of a mattress protector from Darvin at the time of the sale is a requirement of this program.

Returned mattresses should be completely free of any damage, odors or stains, especially those such as blood or urine. Darvin’s delivery personal will refuse pickup of a mattress which is in unsanitary condition, damaged or does not meet factory standards for return.

The cost of this program is $150 for a Twin or Twin XL, $250 for Full or Queen mattress or $350 for a King or California mattress.

Exchanged mattresses must be of equal or greater value. If the mattress is of greater value, then the customer will pay the difference. Should the comfort exchange be put into action, the original cost of the plan is applied strictly to cover Darvin’s one time cost associated with the exchange and transportation from your home at the time of exchange; processing and return to the manufacturer or in some cases disposal. It must be purchased at same time as the mattress and on the same sales order. This Comfort Exchange program does not cover adjustable bases or box springs.

Does Darvin recommend this alternative?

It is our pleasure to offer you this pre-paid comfort exchange option. The majority of Darvin’s customer’s, who have worked with our bedding specialists and made a commitment to allow their body to adjust to a new mattress, this comfort exchange program is not necessary. The majority of the mattresses we sell, use advanced technologies which have been refined and improved for decades, with millions and millions of Americans happily sleeping on them.

What if I want to return my mattress but I didn’t purchase the comfort program?

The program offered here is the only “trial return” program offered by Darvin, and it must be purchased at the time of the original purchase of the mattress to be valid, along with a mattress protector. All of the mattresses we sell are covered under their own specific warranties for manufacturer's defects.

Some brands sold by Darvin offer their own trial programs, why use this program?

Those programs do not cover disposal fees, processing or redelivery fees. Some retailers exclude the ability to conduct the exchange at the retailer’s sale price. Our program does cover these fees, and the price of the new mattress in the exchange is done at Darvin’s ticketed sale price when the exchange is set in motion. With more than 100 different mattress alternatives available at Darvin, we offer one simple program to cover all of the brands we sell, rather than offer two dozen different programs which adjust to the changing nuances of each brand. Fulfilling manufacturers trial comfort programs is substantially more difficult today, compared to before the pandemic. Manufacturer comfort trial programs (Tempur-Pedic and I Comfort) require a 20% pick-up, redelivery and handling fee. Our program absorbs the hassle of having to deal with that yourself, should you require a one-time comfort exchange. You just contact your salesperson to schedule your comfort exchange.