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Young Couples Face Challenges With First Bedroom

January 27, 2020 | By Gianna Cosentino

Goal: Create Balance

Goal: Create Balance

Newlyweds quickly realize compromise is one of the main ingredients to a successful relationship. Take this concept of compromise and use is when designing your first bedroom together – the goal is to create Balance.

The first step is to pick out your furniture. This could be challenging for young couples deciding which look to go with: masculine or feminine. The options are truly endless, but keep in mind that if you both agree on masculine furniture, it doesn’t mean that the whole feel of your room will have that vibe, it’s just the first piece to the puzzle.

Use the other pieces in the bedroom to balance out the feminine/masculine feel so that both people feel perfectly comfortable in their new bedroom together.

Your Sanctuary
After you’ve decided as a couple on furniture, the next step is to pick a wall color. If you’ve chosen masculine furniture, you could easily balance it out with light colored walls to give the room a more ‘airy’ feel.

Your Sanctuary

Feminine furniture can be balanced by a dark wall color

And vice versa, feminine furniture can be balanced by a dark wall color to give it a dramatic ‘moody’ vibe. The goal is for both of you to feel ‘home’ in your new space together, and your bedroom, of all places, should feel like your sanctuary.

Adding Function
Bedding is so important for both of you to absolutely love! After all, you will spend about one-third of your life together in your bed. High quality sheets most likely means more expensive – but they’re beyond worth it. They will feel better and last longer. So, do yourself a favor and splurge on your bedding!

Tie Everything Together

Tie Everything Together

Tie It Together
The last piece of the puzzle is choosing decor to tie everything together, so that your bedroom looks like one cohesive design. Lamps, throws, decorative pillows, artwork, picture frames, plants, perhaps a rug. All of these items work together to complete the feminine/masculine balance, while creating your style as a couple together. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

Gianna Cosentino

Gianna Cosentino

Gianna Cosentino is a Chicagoland native whose made her Bloomstonebay Instagram content a must-see destination for home and garden enthusiasts looking for tips and tricks on a budget. Gianna lives in Chicago’s South Suburban region with her husband, Joe, and Teddy Bear pup, Charles.