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Decorate Your Dining Room to Ensure Ample Comfort, Style

October 26, 2021 | by Soleil Tierney

Like many spaces in the contemporary home, the dining room has seen changes to its function and form over the years. In our fast-paced world, we use our dining rooms as a place for eating meals, of course, but often gathering the family together and entertaining friends and family, as well. Given this shift in focus, the modern dining room is a less formal space than its more traditional predecessor, and this more casual, comfortable feel embodies the new trend, going forward. We see these changes in the increased popularity of benches and nooks or distressed finishes. In lieu of a formal china cabinet, many families are now opting for more versatile pieces, like a buffet or server. Your dining room should be tailored to you and your lifestyle, and we can accomplish this through careful piece selection and attention to detail.

Create Balance
There are ways of creating balance without having complete symmetry. We can use color and accents to balance the room and provide the space with that finished look. Artwork, accessories, and an area rug are key to achieving a warm and inviting dining space. Incorporating fabrics and textures to offset the hard surfaces of the woods and metals in your dining area can create an elegant-yet-cozy feel.

Dining room furniture

The clean lines metal and wood can bring to your dining space create a simple-yet-elegant feel, especially when balanced with upholstered seating. Creating something that feels effortless involves a less complicated approach to lighting; industrial-vintage lighting can be an easy way to instantly update. Accessories like oversized mirrors can reflect light and subtly expand a smaller room to create a more open, inviting feeling.

This style often works well with an open plan, where the kitchen and living room are one connected space. Consider an extra-long weathered tabletop with some low-back chairs, to create a more casual, inviting environment.

Farmhouse Dining set

Traditional Elegance
No room in the home is better suited to formality and elegance than the dining room. Ornate chandeliers and custom ceiling work can often set a sophisticated tone. Although it may feel counterintuitive, going against the urge to have a complete, matching set is an excellent way to achieve the new formal dining ideal.