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Mattress Facts

Information Regarding Your New Sleep Set

Mattress Height & Size: Today’s sleep sets are designed with the most technologically advanced materials. The premium set you are purchasing today will most likely sit higher than your old sleep set. If this is a concern, contact a Darvin Sleep Specialist who can offer options, such as low-profile box spring and/or a low-profile bed frame.

Box Springs are not flexible like a mattress: If you are concerned about getting a box spring through a tight area in your home, contact a Darvin Sleep Specialist who can offer a split foundation as an option.

Making Good Impressions: Your new sleep set will conform to your body. This is good and is to be expected, these impressions are an indication that your mattress is properly adjusting to your body. Impressions of up to 1-1/2 inches are normal in today’s thicker, premium sleep sets.

Rotate Your Mattress: Just like your car’s tires, a new mattress can wear unevenly if not rotated. Manufacturers recommend you rotate your new mattress at least every couple of months (two-sided mattresses should be flipped and rotated). Non-flip models will need to be rotated to help even out the wear of the mattress.

Proper Support: Today’s bedding is also built heavier for durability. An old bed frame or slat may cause a new set of bedding to sag. The manufacturers of bedding require that full, queen and king bedding have a proper center support – 1 rigid center leg that rests on the floor. Darvin is not responsible for ensuring you have the proper support on your existing bed or frame. Darvin does offer premium support systems that work with most beds. If your bed does not have this, contact a Sleep Specialist to direct you to the proper frame.

Your Nose Knows: All new foams, fiber and fabric may have a slight odor that will dissipate over time.

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