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December 9, 2020 | By John Stein

Each year we have thousands of customers come into our showroom looking for the answer to a better night’s sleep. While everyone is different, there are some things that are proven to help you wind down, that feels comfortable, and will help you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

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Winding Down

You’ve heard the expression all ‘wound up’ and it clearly is not ideal for any kind of relaxation – let alone quality sleep. What you may do in the hours leading up to going to bed can seriously impact your ability to get to sleep.

Here are some tips for getting there each night:

  • • Create a routine
  • • Make sure you can get comfortable
  • • Turn phone/devices off, use audio to help you relax

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Falling Asleep & Staying Asleep

>We’ve all heard the quick fix recommendations, from counting backwards and drinking warm milk to indulging in some bedtime reading, but there are more long-term solutions to falling asleep and they begin with proper sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene involves activities that promote preparation and preservation of quality sleep. These include: Getting regular exercise; avoiding caffeine or alcohol prior to bedtime; eliminating electronic devices that stimulate brain activity; and making sure your bedroom is dark, quiet and comfortable (65-67 F).

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The ‘Right Amount’ of Sleep for You

There’s been plenty of research on the human need for sleep and most experts agree that the amount of sleep needed by each person varies based on several variables. A range between 6-9 hours is considered healthy.

If you want to figure out where your need for sleep may be, look no further than your parents. In all likelihood, their need for sleep is probably leaning in the same direction as your own. Active lifestyle can have an impact by demanding more intense but shorter periods of sleep, while inactivity often leads to longer sleep hours.

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Sleep Quality Matters

Sleep quality matters most because it impacts each person’s individual health. While getting to sleep may seem to be the primary hurdle, many people struggle to stay asleep. Don’t let a lack of quality sleep impact your overall health and productivity. Here are some keys to getting better quality sleep:

  • • Exercise & Move Around More
  • • FInd a Comfortable Mattress
  • • Limit potential distractions & stressful thoughts

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What’s Your Position “A” for Sleep?

Whether it’s golf, Indy Car Racing – or Sleep, attaining position “A” means you have found the preferred option or outcome in any given situation. When it comes to sleep, one of the most distinct differences between each person is their ideal sleeping position.

While lying down is much easier than actually getting to sleep, there has been lots of research that shows certain positions are better than others. Determining the best sleep position can emanate from a person’s height, weight, medical conditions and other physical variables. Experts say the ideal bend at the hips is 45 degrees and it’s 145 degrees for your knees.

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Sleep & Adjustable Beds

Adjustable base beds may not be a new concept, but the latest technologies have definitely expanded the potential for anyone to find the perfect position for a great night’s sleep. Brands like Tempur-Pedic, and Beautyrest have combined massive research hours with innovative materials to deliver effective automatically controlled sleep systems.

Darvin Furniture & Mattress carries a huge selection of mattresses and actively controlled sleep systems that are available to test at our showroom. Visit us online or stop by the Orland Park showroom today to meet with one of our trained sleep experts.